The Crazy Cat Lady

A six-week-old kitten.Image via WikipediaI have an adorable friend that was ever so kind as to "adopt" me as her home away from home mom.  You know what an honor that is don't you.  She is 19 going on 67 if you ask me.  Why?  Well at 19 she has moved 1/2 way across this big ol country all by herself...has her own full time and begs for more and more hours way past what she should be doing...and is mature beyond her years.  Ok that only makes her 19 going on 40 right? But no that is not all.  She is also the Crazy Cat Lady.   Yeah that is the extra 27 years right there.  Wants all the kitties she can handle.  And currently I think the count is 4 in a one bedroom apartment.  Oh wait, I did not tell you this is in the one and only 'high rise' there is in this town.  So the sweet Meowers do not get to go outside at all.  Only perch on the windows and watch the pigeons on the window sills.  (Oh how hard is that one!)

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Now they have their litter box and it is cleaned daily.  Not a issue.  But The Crazy Cat Lady (CCL) had some very ill kittens for a short time being.  Short...well they were really sick and just did not make it.  Had come from a litter that was never healthy to begin with.  And these lil kittens messed up the place pretty bad.  Yeah you can imagine.  The carpet was awful.  CCL cleaned it with soap and water.  Nope.  She tried vinegar and baking soda.  Nope  She did the pet cleaners from the store.  Nope.  All a lil better but not good enough.  So she came to Mom (aka Me) and asked what to do.  I passed on my Resolve Deep Clean Powder and Resolve Pet Stain Cleaner.  I have found it to be one of the better products out there.  Oh and I gave her a scrub brush!  LOL
Well I waited a week to give her time to get to work.  She told me that she started off with the spray.  And with some of the spots she was down on her hands and knees making sure to get the spot scrubbed up.  Next she blotted the place with a white towel (they bleach out).  This way she could see the stain coming up and out of the carpet.  Blot, turn towel, blot, turn, blot.  Till all of the stain is gone.  Granny M said she would use a low heat iron on the towel to help lift a stain too.  After it was all dry then she used the wet powder to clean the complete floor.  Vacumn it all up and then she was done.Panther, a cat using toilet, photographed in S...Image via Wikipedia

I waited a week so she would have time to do it all.  Then popped by for a visit.  You know what she was so excited.  Told me she was the CCL with a beautiful apartment!  And no odor either.  The cats where happy to have another lap to sit on too.  So now she is dropping in age...we all know that CCL tend to have smelly apartments.  I think my new 'daughter' is now in her 20's again!

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary bottles of Resolve to facilitate this review. No other compensation was provided.


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