Sweet Sounds Soon

Hey can you keep a secret?  Really!  I have something that is making me so excited.  But we can not tell Nessa over at Ramblings of a Texas Housewife.  Well, if we tell her, then we can't let her son know.  OK?
Last year for Christmas I was able to get him a really cool bracelet made from guitar strings.  You see his dad plays and of course Tristen wants to be just like his dad.  He was given a guitar already.  His dad is self taught and goes online to practice lessons.  But Tristen does not always have access to unlimited online time.  Yeah, we have to monitor all sorts of things these days.

But I have his Christmas gift for this year.  (Hey, I plan early, don't you?)  I have The Complete Idiot's Guide to Guitar Exercises.  And there is a CD inside that also has samples of the exercises.  That way he can hear what they should sound like.  It is so much easier to play something you can see and hear.  I can't wait to see Tristen work on a lesson then hear the sounds drift across the street to my house.  That is the great part of being here.  We can sit on our porches and visit.  Listen to music or cross the street and share time together.
This book was written by Hemme Luttjeboer.  He has worked with the legends like Eric Clapton, B.B. King, Vince Gill and Sarah McLachlan.  I could not imagine such a life, what joy it must be to hear such beautiful music that you know so many will sing along too.  Hemme has authored many books on playing the guitar along with instruction videos.  So he knows what he is doing.
Have you ever used one of these books?  There is a whole line of TCIG books.  What would you want to learn?  You could learn about horses, zombies, raising girls (gosh I needed that one!), cheese making, composting, even Las Vegas.  I know there are also those that are really important like College Algebra.  I would need a guide to get through that too!

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy of this book to facilitate this review. No other compensation was provided.


  1. I had TCIG to Fatherhood for my husband when our first was born. In hind sight, he did just fine without it. I also had TCIG to Pregnancy and it was hands down the BEST preggo book ever.

  2. Very cool!! My son plays too-but he isn't the type to learn from a book (he tried!), he had to have hands on instruction.

    Where'd you get the guitar string bracelet?? That sounds awesome!


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