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I have told you that we are pet lovers. Really big big big pet lovers. More than you can imagine. OK, OK, if you do not tell anyone.....anyone....well we have 5 dogs and 5 cats! EEEEK!

Well, it started off small. You know a dog for College Girl when she was Teen Girl. Then another for me. Well Grandma was given one from CG when she left for school. And we inherited another (really, in the will and all). Then CG found another she just had to 5 dogs. Then the cats....sorta the same. One was being cat sitted by us then we sorta kept it. And another was a stray. She had kittens and we kept two. Oh and our grandbabes gave us one as a gift. Yeah, 5 cats too!

We love them all. They sorta just hang with us. The dogs have a great shaded yard that we 'clean' every morning. Cats, well cats do pretty much what they want. It is relatively OK. But. With 10 animals we do have an occasional accident. So we clean it up. But over time we decided to take out the carpet due to the thought of what was there. You can shampoo but never really sure it goes away.

And still there is an occasional accident every now and then. We mop and disinfect. But? Are we still getting it all cleaned up? Yeah! We are now. And we are sure because we started using Bio-Pro Research Urine-Off. Bio-Pro Research’s line of new household cleaning products use a specially developed formula of enzymes and friendly bacteria that actually “eat” away the stain. Bio Pro Research likes to think of their cleaning as a “natural workforce of 1 Billion” (enzymes that is) working hard to clean up your stains, leaving clothing, home surfaces, furniture and carpeting stain-free. The products are made with nature-based, non-toxic, biodegradable ingredients. Do you know how I feel knowing that the bacteria is really gone? There is even a urine finder flash light. Really! Bio-Pro Research Urine Finders are engineered to produce that specific wavelength of UV light, so they simply work better than normal store-bought black lights and make the task of locating urine deposits easier. So I have been able to really check for stains and then treat them. Later I have gone to the same spot and not been able to find them at all. And there is not any odors, stains or toxins left either.

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary bottle to facilitate this review. No other compensation was provided.

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