Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes!

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Yesterday was a great day....well there was one horrid cloud I will tell you about too. But over all a killer of a great day.

If your here much you know that Dear Hubby works two jobs and it is killer on him. With 7 days a week and morning til night and no time in between to rest. Then you also know he was off a month due to foot surgery. A blessing in it's own right as he got some much needed rest. Alas no income for a month though. You also know he works this hard to pay child support to two different states. Now I agree pay what you owe. We do not balk about that. But.........

Child support that is over due in Texas has a 6% interest rate. And it is compounded daily. Also once the interest is added to the past due support it becomes part of that. So now interest is compounded on the interest. STUPID! Right! Ok so if one falls behind for what ever reason (Dear Hubby was ill, in a coma and had several heart surgeries too) you never seem to get out from under it. He owed total around $20,000 for total child support to Texas for the whole time he would be paying it. He has paid double child support for over 8 years now. He is right at $1,000 of paying all of the original owed. But with interest they have him owing $45,000. Yeah you read that right. More than double of all child support ever owed. That is what that interest will do to you.

Now you see the issue. Well the great news is that yesterday his Ex and Dear Hubby had a meeting with the Child Support office. And all the interest was totally dropped! ALL! So now he only owes around $1,000 with payments of $200 a month. YIPPPPEEEE! Give us 6 months and that bill will be dropped. Also his daughter in Missouri will turn 18 this fall and we should have that finished in about 6 months time. You see the big picture? Without all this debt Dear Hubby can drop the second job in around 6 months time! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

This is a RED letter day for us. Top it off I won a giveaway also. So I have a new book Fatal Circle coming to me from Linda Robertson. Thank You! And then Tracy of Crazy Suburban MOM is also sending me a good package. Yipeee! I love it any time I hear from Tracy as she makes me smile and laugh and jump and twirl and just feel joy. You should pop over and visit her.....daily!

Now the bad part of yesterday. Please pray for comfort for my step children and their mom. After all the good news we stopped to visit with their grandfather (their mom's dad). That is when we found out he had passed away just a lil time before hand. He was quite ill and we knew it was not long before he went home. But it is always hard for those left behind to deal with. So pray for my grandbabes and all of their family please.


  1. WOW that is unreal about the child support business! EEKS! I am excited it will be settled soon so your guy can slow down a bit.

    I'll be praying for all those who lost a dear loved one!



  2. Oh my gosh, such good and bad news all wrapped up in one.

  3. I glad you had such good news!! So very sorry about the bad!

  4. Awww, I hope you like it! I found something better I think then the sandra lee's :)



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