She is Such a Smart Mouth

My College Girl has a Smart Mouth! Really she does. And I am so so so so glad.

Now why would I like that? Well you see dear loving sweet adorable Collage Girl suffers horrible from halitosis. Dragon Breath does not even start to tell you about it. And we have tried everything. Brushing her teeth three times a day. Flossing. Mouth washes. Tongue scrapping. You name it we have been there. Well now we have a solution. Smart Mouth.....told she has one. Well here let me have College Girl tell you about it.

I always like it when mom requests review items just for me. There was no exception to that rule when she ordered the Smart Mouth 12 hour breath freshener system. It comes in two flavors: cinnamon and fresh mint and I got the mint. It comes in two pump style bottles with a little measuring cup. Four pumps from each bottle, swish and gargle twice a day to prevent bad breath during the day and morning breath when you first wake up. It adds up to about a tablespoon worth of liquid, if I remember the measurements from the side of the cup right. Super easy to use, I've just added the Smart Mouth system to my morning and evening bathroom routines. After using it, my mouth felt really fresh and clean, which was nice. We also noticed a marked difference when I didn't use it one day. The taste was great, not too strong, with just a little hint of wintergreen, which I love. The blend of mint was nice since pure peppermint is sometimes too strong for me. I think it would be cool to try the cinnamon flavor too. I'd recommend Smart Mouth 12 hour breath freshener system to everyone; it's a great tasting product that works!

You can also get a $2.00 off coupon at This is available at most of your drug stores now. I tell you we highly recommend it now!

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary product to facilitate this review. No other compensation was provided.


  1. I have never heard of smart mouth...interesting

  2. My oldest gets the nastiest jungle breath, like make your eyes water bad.


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