Party All The Time

We would like to have a friends who feel like family weekend.
So we would love it if your and yours would like to join us.

Here is our idea.
This is Dear Hubby's last weekend off for some time.
So we wanted to really enjoy all of our friends and have a lil fun time.

This is a come as you are (honestly we just wanna enjoy our time) gathering.
Bring the family as yours is ours.
Make yourself at home!!! It makes life so much easier when we all do.

Bring drinks and a already prepared dish.
This can be beer and pizza, kool aid and mac n' cheese, soda and fried chicken.
You get the idea. Now we will not have to scramble to make tons of food or have anything to drink.

Second we are willing to cook. Anything. Got a great grill here and considering getting the two ducks on them. I adore baking and can clean dishes as fast as we get them dirty. So no biggie to me. If there is something you would like to make then bring the fixings and teach us all how to do it.

Fun...yes, fun is indeed called for. We have the horse shoes already set up. And the dart board. You know we have tons of different games. Poker night...we can do it. Movie you wanna share bring it along. Basically what ever we all wanna do and enjoy together. That is always the best part of being with your family and friends.

If your traveling and wanna stay over. We can make room. Granny M is gone for the week so that bed is available. The couches are here and we can always kick College Girl out....LOL No, we would not do that. But we can make space.

Oh and most important......The a/c is on all over the house.
You will not have to die of heat provide we keep the outside doors shut.

Please call, text, email or just holler loud enough we can hear ya.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful time!!! Can't wait to read all about it.


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