Miss Emma is Back

We have Miss Emma back after a long long long break. And it is hard to help her out with some questions she has. Like when will I see Grandmother again? Will she ever wake back up? I miss Grandmother, can you help me find her?

You see Miss Emma lost her Grandmother to cancer this last month. Her mother (College Girl's Other Mother) took a family leave from work to stay with her mother as much as possible. But now it is time to put life back together.

I have a book that may help Miss Emma understand. It is so hard to deal with Cancer at the age of 3 going on 4. You Are Not Alone: Families Touched by Cancer is a book that I want to share with Miss Emma. Here we meet children from around the world who have also been touched by Cancer. And learn ways to deal with the sorrow and fear that come along with this illness. I know that Miss Emma needs answers and having to face such a loss at such a young age is hard to deal with. I feel by sharing this book we can find a way to help her understand.

It did help her understand a lil more as to what Cancer can mean. Emma is 3 going on 4 and not able to articulate how much it helps. But we did read together and then spend time just going through the book with questions and answers. This weekend is the memorial service for her Grandmother. So I feel we will have more observations this next week. When I requested the book I knew that her Grandmother was in her last stages of life. I do feel that it has helped Miss Emma understand a lil better. And to bring a few more answers to her questions

How do you deal with life's hard knocks for your children? What do you do to help them understand the changes that happen beyond our control?

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy of this book to facilitate this review. No other compensation was provided.

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  1. Oh wow I didn't know that at such a young age that they would ask so many questions.Little girls do tend to do that though. I think it is a great idea to read a book to her.


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