MediFast to the Rescue?

first full day of MedifastImage by This Year's Love via Flickr

I was sent information and samples for the Medifast program. I tried this program for a short time as a 20+ year old woman. I did not stick with it due to the shakes that did not taste good lil on the gritty texture. Now that was over 20 years ago. I am more than willing to see how the program has improved over the years.

I did try the shake. It was much better now. Not gritty at all and the flavor was rich. That I did like! I also had the Honey Mustard Pretzel Sticks. This would be a snack meal on the plan. But I am not a big chip fan and these fall into that category. But at 110 calories they were a replacement for a bag of chips.

Well first they have added many items. And I see that most come right at 100 calories per serving. So you have a variety of "meals" instead of just the shakes. The plan is 5 of the Medifast meals along with a low calorie meal (about 150 calories for the meal). A suggested meal would be 6 oz grilled chicken breast and 1 1/2 cups of cooked asparagus with tsp of olive oil. So you take in right at 650 calories in a day. That seems really low when your including exercise in your program. The photo is of a Medifast scrambled egg meal. Yes, that would be your breakfast. Your complete breakfast minus a drink like black coffee.

Now the cost is where I have an issue. You see I am on a tight budget and really watch what I spend. We have to use all of our resources to help our food budget. But for most people a months worth of the plan would not seem unreasonable. It would be right at $300 a month for one person. Now that does not include the at home meal you would have once a day. But 28 of those meals (that you would be making for the family or using a frozen dinner instead) would add about another $100 to that budget. So that would be right at $400 a month for one person. Myself, we do not spend $400 a month to feed a family of 5. If you purchase an single item they seem to come in packs of 7 at $15.50. That would be $2.21 each. Each bag of pretzels or oatmeal pack or pudding cup. Pretty costly if your not doing the monthly package. By the way it is $2.09 per item in the monthly pack.

What would you get for that $300? Well that would be 143 items.
  • 49 Shakes
  • 42 Bars
  • 14 Oatmeals
  • 7 Scrambled Eggs
  • 14 Soups
  • 7 Chocolate Puddings
  • 7 Cappuccinos
  • 3 Bonus Meals
If you looking for help with your diet. And your not the best at measuring out your servings then this may be just up your alley. I could not afford this but will use the ideas here to help me do a plan of my own.

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary shake and bag of pretzels to facilitate this review. No other compensation was provided.


  1. I loved the MF diet and would do it in a heart beat if I could afford it! Stick with it, you will get great results!

  2. - I guess that's why it's so hard for me to lose weight. I don't have the will power to eat right when I cook, and I cannot imagine spending close to three hundred dollars for one person's food for a month. Don and I don't even spend quite that much for the two of us.

    Good luck with it. Enjoy it while you can (until the freeby runs out, (LOL!)

    Love ya!



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