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Today is not a normal day for me. Why? Well I was allowed to sleep in til 9 a.m. Yeah, can you believe it? 9 a.m.! This is an unheard of time of day. I can not remember the last time I slept so late. And I feel so rested. That extra 4 to 5 hours of sleep is the same as a normal complete nights sleep. So now I am more than twice rested.

What is the problem with this? Well beside being amazed at not hurting when I woke, no aches, no pains, no catches in the back, no eyes dry from lack of rest, no headache even. Add in that I do not have any major household chores to do either. There is not a stack of dishes awaiting me. Laundry is not hiding behind every closed door. The floors are relatively mess free.

Instead I have a whole day....wake to sleep....to spend with my Dear Hubby. And he has my undivided attention. Him and his laid up foot. Yes, he is still in the living room recovery room at Stay Put Hospital (aka our house). I have showered him with pillows, blankets and plenty of pets willing to sleep with him. He has the remote control to the TV, laptop computer at his couch side table, cell phone in fingers reach and an array of magazines and books to fill his time with. I have plied him with coffee, fresh cooked breakfast with homemade biscuits, triple layered sandwiches and oozy doozy desserts of pies, cookies and puddings.

So here we are. On a not so normal day. Waiting for my Dear Hubby to heal. And enjoying every minute of this time together. Holding hands and sharing hugs. Even stealing a kiss or two. Watching old movies and playing cards. Staying up deep into the night (well almost to midnight last night!) while we challenge each other to remember our favorite dates. Waiting for him to heal. Finding time for us to heal too. We are growing with each other again.

Who knew? Surgery brings a second honeymoon time. I can't wait til we do the other foot this next winter. I wonder what we share then?


  1. It all sounds so nice, I envy you!

  2. Hey Kiddo! Sounds like a "fairy tale to me! LOL! Mine would be hollering for me to "leave him alone". Hope he heals quickly! I bet that RFL walk didn't do him any good either. Have you checked out my blog? I'm doing a Share your Blog Linky until the 3rd of July. Just click on the top of the post where it says "click here (obviously) LOL! It will take you back to the Linky. Mine isn't as fancy as Redhead Riter's was, but hopefully it will do the same thing. Anyway, God Bless! Hope to see you at Curves tomorrow. That is if hubby can stand being away from you or you from him for 45 minutes~ LOL!

    Love ya!


  3. awww enjoy your day together!

  4. Awww, thats the sweetest thing :) lol... and I know what you mean about that being late! LOL that time in the morning is practically the next day!

  5. Was just checking back to see how he was doing?

  6. "Stay Put Hospital"

    Love this!

    Good luck on the contest!

    Silly Mom Thoughts

  7. Thank you for entering the Lovable Labels BlogHer Contest! Good Luck!!


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