For the Love of Pete

Have you ever heard that term? Oh! For the love of Pete! Well here it is a term of great affection instead of aggravation. Why? Because we do love Pete.

Pete is a well known, well liked, affable guy who runs the local funeral home. He is large and jovial and has a booming voice that sounds like warm honey. Women flock to him and men trust him. Pete is Pete!

But Pete is in pain right now. His lower back has been giving him fits. Visits to the doctor and the chiropractor have not corrected the problem. They are working on it. Thankfully I was able to step in and offer a lil bit of relief. I let him use the VitalWrap System that was sent to me for a review. It was great (according to Pete).

Remember I said Pete is a big guy. Well he is a big guy, very much so. Tall with big arms and broad shoulders and a nice size tummy to complete the package. The first thing we liked about the VitalWrap was that it fit with room to spare. (Being a big gal I know how this can be a great plus). Then Pete told me that just the compression from the band was helpful in bringing some relief. But the best part was when he used it as a cold wrap. As Pete said, that is a 9.5 in a 10 point scale. Worked great, was very cold and relief was greatly noticed. The heat side did not register with Pete as well. He gave it a 6. Said it would be better if it could become hotter with the ability to turn it down from there. But at the same time Pete said he could withstand more heat and it may just be him. Thought it was closer to a low on a heating pad.

Now what is the VitaWrap? VitalWear designed the VitalWrap system-an affordable, portable, easy-to-use heating/cooling/compression system. The VitalWrap system effortlessly straps around any body part, delivering optimal heating and cooling treatment. It has the ability to wrap around your tummy/back, legs, feet, arms, name it. Also the compressor on it is quiet. (Pete loved that.)

I am liking what I see about this. Also a wonderful part is it can be used on anyone, adults or kiddos. I can see how this would be handy for those in my life that are quite active and (like Dear Hubby) accident prone. Pop over and check out more if your interested. And in the mean time....know that we still love Pete!

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