Young Adult?

Young Adult is a category of books. I am sure you knew that already. But have you ever thought you may still be a Y.A.? Well, I have found that I am. Yes, in my mid 40's I am still a young adult. Why? Well because I find that my mind still loves that journey and adventure into the unknown. And I am still chasing rabbits down rabbit holes.

Dawn Miller wrote "The Prophecy" for young adults, aka teens. And like many adults who have been caught up in the Twilight series you can do the same right here. The Prophecy is part of The Watchers Chronicles. Here I have teetered on the line of good and evils age old battle. Along with the 5 characters that Dawn has created, we traveled into their history with terrifying memories that started this battle. I followed along as we raced against the evil at our heels looking for a way out. I was caught up like a memory or dream that hung on long after I awoke. Not only will your Y.A. enjoy this one, you may very well too.

From here I ventured past the life of evil spirits into the realm of dragons. Yes you heard me right. "Starlighter" was my second venture into my stage as a Y.A. Also part of the Starlighter series (first in the series as you guessed). Now I was engaged in fighting dragons who were enslaving the humans. Of course I had fun with this one. Not as heart pounding but enjoyed that flight of fancy to a different world. Here I joined in on the fight and worked on my escape from the dragons. But I will say, life as a second class citizen was not enjoyable. I am so glad that this world does not exist but in a story.

My last venture into the Y.A. life was learning the lessons of real life. Here I was again a kid. Remember the struggles of learning the rules of life. Yes, we tend to forget that it was hard to always fit in, know the way and be accepted. "Never Blame the Umpire" was junior high again. And not in the bad way! But where we stretched our bodies to the limits in sports while reaching with our minds for new ways to communicate. So much like Kate I tried to learn how to fit into the rules of life. But too be an original. Kate (our young adult) is a great athlete, accepted into that role. When she journeys into creative writing and letting her poetry come out life shifts. It is here in her life as a tween she discovers her strength. Helping her through one of the hardest lessons life has to give to anyone of any age.

Yes, I am a Young Adult. Still. And I am loving that knowledge. Along with the flights of fancy that come up with it. Wanna join me in the ride?

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy of these books to facilitate this review. No other compensation was provided.

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