Tins, Cans and Boxes

Here is my tip the hat to Tracy over at The Crazy Suburban Mom.

We are both fans of all things 50's and such.
Yesterday while I was enjoying a pineapple ice cream sundae (and yes it was wonderful)
I took some photos of the 'old' cans that were in the antique store.

This first set was so neat. I wanted them for my kitchen shelves to decorate with.
And they were all empty! Honest. So guess they were just for show after all.

Now these are all ones that have been used. Many of us ol' timers will recognize many of them.
Of course we also use to keep our treasures inside of them too.
You know that pretty feather, crystal rock, ribbon from the dance and of course the I like you do you like me note from cutie who sat behind you.

And this last set were always so hard to open til you finally found just the right amount of pressure. Where it would pop open but not let all the aspirin fly all over the place. We would keep them and refill them for our purse. Would not mind having one or two of them still.

Well Tracy? What did you think about the tins I found?
Cool, yeah!
Oh and that pineapple sundae.

It was soooooo goooood!


  1. I love those cans, I am a huge fan of vintage and shabby chic. How are you?

  2. OMG - first those are FABULOUS! I think everything was elevated to an art or something a long time ago - it wasn't just about being eye catching on a shelf. It was about ...I don't know how to put it even. All the cans and labels were just works of individuality. Special and unique and not just advertising if that makes sense? Not everything was flashy but it was perfect unto itself. And I sure miss it. Now when I look for something I feel like Im looking at a migraine aura because everythings trying to compete.

    and the sundae looks wonderful!!!


  3. Love the old cans and aspirin tins.


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