Special Offer From Jayde

Special Offer from Jayde's Little Corner. If you have not seen her photos then you really should. I have what I call her rainbow tree by my bed. And every night when I lay down I look at that photo. Then I think of all the branches of blessings I have received that day. What a lovely rainbow I am blessed with this way. Jayde thanks for that photo I won before.
For a limited time she is offering 10% off your purchase at her Gallery when you spend $25.00. There are also additional discounts when you purchase more. 15% off when you spend $50.00 and 20% off when you spend $75.00. It's not too late to purchase a beautiful print for the special Mother in your life, or just for yourself or a friend. Be sure to visit today and find that perfect print! All of her Art Photography will be included in this discount, the Tree Series, Flower Series, Farm Life Series, and ABC Photography!

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