Who Is In Control?

Had one of those days? You know where your left shoe felt like it was on your right foot all day. The radio in the car has been bleating out all the bad news for you to ingest. Your prayer list goes on and on and on for those who are fighting for their lives in so many ways. That day your just shaking your head and wondering why, why does all these things happen. Why does God not stop it all. Is it all our faults?

Yeah, I have those days too. And we question what to do and how to handle all that seems to be on our over flowing plates. Well, Jim Pace wrote a book asking "Should We Fire God?" that is right there with us. He has put those questions into print. And given a voice to our thoughts and doubts. But that is not all. Jim also helps us look back to our faith and answer this question with a resounding NO.

In everyday language I read and remembered that we are imperfect. That the answers lie in having faith in God to answer our prayers and provide for us. And more so (at least for me) to stop trying to take over. Last week was especially hard for me to accept decisions made by powers that be. I had to question what were people thinking. I also was crying for God to please step in and fix it all. But as we all know there was no big bang and poof all was right in the world. Instead, time to heal is happening. I may not understand why some things happen but I am remembering that there are reasons that we may not see now. For example my Dear Hubby went through a horrid time of bad health and even was in a coma too. That time period was a major turning point in his life and led him to me. I know his family prayed for him and wanted to know why was he is such a place. But now they see it was a new path starting. One that makes him a better person and much happier.

So I wish to thank Hachette Book Club and Karen Ukraine for sharing Jim Pace's book "Should We Fire God?" with me. Again I am reminded to pray, have faith and know that God is in control. And that all will be right in good time.

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  1. Hey Kiddo! How funny! Do you remember me doing a book review on this same book? How funny! It was the VERY FIRST book review I did when I started blogging.

    God Bless!


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