Thursday Trivia

Yeah, I thought I would share a lil trivia but not trivial things with you. And why don't you leave me a lil trivia in the comments today too! So here we go!

1. College Girl had her belly button and eye brow pierced for her birthday gift from us. Not a big deal for many but....CG is allergic to many many metals, even surgical steel. So we have re- purposed an interesting product for her. It is Pregnancy Piercings. (Yeah, I have never thought about the two together before either.) But it seems you need some sort of extender to keep your piercing (already done) while you lil tummy grows. This place makes a surgical tubing (very very very thin) that does just that. And you can insert a stud on each end. Well we had it trimmed down at the tattoo parlor with their sterilized gear so it would fit in CG's lil flat tummy and eyebrow. They then did her piercing and slipped the tube in. Next we fitted her with plastic studs in the tubing. WHA-LAH! Now she is all pierced yet not infected.

2. I am continuing on with my kids DVD kick. Now it is on to The Madeline Movie, Lost in Paris. I love seeing the books I read to College Girl now coming out as shows. And to hear the voices of Jason Alexander, Christopher Plummer and (whoot!) Lauren Bacall was a great extra for me. This was a delightful to hear Christopher and remember how well he did in The Sound of Music. Such a rich melodious voice that he has. And Lauren has such a sultry one as well. This was like an animated musical for me. You can pop over to the site and download coloring sheets for your kiddos too (hint hint for Aunt Rene and all those at home mommies). And watch the stores for you can get you copy on April 13th (real soon!)

3. And for my last lil thing, I have one of my grandbabes birthday gifts now. You see both grandbabes have their birthdays one day not twins just dates fell that way. So it is a month or more of planning for me to get gifts figured out for the two. Well this year TK is going to learn about investment banking at 6 years old. What? You think that is too young? Naw! Not when I can share the Ekomini with her. This is "the world’s first and only interactive, web-enabled piggy bank - features an online educational game that helps children learn what they should know about money". You can see a video demo for yourself. I love that I can help her learn to save money but also how to budget money. We did this in a different way when College Girl was young. But this is the newest tech way and oh my, TK is all about the tech toys.

So what is your latest and greatest finds? Share with me and maybe I will be able to have some new things to occupy my time with. You know being without the kiddos means I am spending more and more time at Nessa's so I can play with them. Oh what changes are coming up for me. And a special thank you to Pregancy Piercings for the help with College Girl, to Shout Out Factory for the great Madeline DVD and to Ekomini for "saving" me with a great gift.


  1. Interesting allergy, I have never heard of anybody being allergic to steel. I hope it works out for her!

  2. Metal allergies are the worst. Jen has them too and it was interesting trying to do a tattoo on her as she was swelling from the allergic reaction to the needles!


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