I Can't See You?

Cover of "How to Spot a Liar"Cover of How to Spot a Liar

My College Girl called me just a lil while ago. And do you know what? I can not see through the phone! Can you? Didn't think so either. Should have video phones not just video chat online.

You see I asked her to pop home for a few hours to help me out around the house. I have tons and tons of rearranging to still do. I have a surprise next month and I am trying to get ready for it. But in the mean time work to be done. Anyway, the thing is that I can not read my CG's body language over the phone.

CG is pretty quitet when it comes to phone calls. I find that I use her body language to help me know what she is thinking and feeling. If you do not do this then I would be surprised. As a matter of fact, til I read "Body Language Handbook" I was unaware how much I relied on reading other people. This was written by the same authors that did "How to Spot a Liar" Wow, we all want that book! I learned how to:
  • Identify the basic mechanics of human communication.
  • Observe what is culturally normal…and when determine “abnormal” matters.
  • Read changes in body language.
  • Avoid misunderstandings.
  • Project the right message.
  • Protect yourself from manipulation.
I think I will have CG read this book. There was some great ideas on how to position yourself for others to read confidence and strength. And with her in theater I am sure that body language is something we all see on stage. Gregory Hartley and Maryann Karinch along with Newman Communications, Inc. was so kind as to send me this book. It is great to learn new things each week. Now let's see what I read when Dear Hubby comes home tonight. Does he really want to go bowling with the folks or would he much rather crawl in bed and rest on his only evening free?


  1. Sounds like a great book.

  2. Oh I do this all the time. I do it when I watch tv too... I hear myself saying - they are so lying. a lot.

    Mailed you something today :)


  3. That does sound like an interesting book. I know a few people that are so hard to read; they're body language says one thing but the words don't match up. Hmmm? On other note I work with a 2nd grade boy who is legally blind, he has vision, 20/200 but he and I work a lot on body language and eye contact. It's interesting.

    Thanks for the review!!



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