Going to be New Parents

Did I tell you that my niece and her husband were going to have a new lil one? They are hoping for a son. My niece has an older daughter from a previous relationship and they have a younger daughter together. So a son would be really nice for them. Now without bringing up any real past I do want to say how proud of them I am. You see they are both very strong Christians. And they recently moved to a new town. So leaving their home church and finding a new one is always hard on a family. But it seems that God has led the way.

I wanted to do something special for both of them. So for my niece I gave her "Mom's Bible: God's Wisdom for Mothers" (the NCV version). I know that she has her trusty KJV and that it lives with her. But a companion bible is always nice. And I loved the way this one was both a study bible and a devotional too. My niece knows that her guidance is very important in their home. Especially since her husband has to travel for work so often. So having these tools at her finger tips is always helpful. I do wish to thank Thomas Nelson Publishers for letting me share this gift with her. What a great mom's gift to give to a expecting mother.

I also have a good book that I am sharing with her husband. He received "I'm Going to be a Dad: Now What?" It is a wonderful book to answer all those questions. We all wish our children came with an instruction book--right? Well here is the help that those Dads are looking for. I was thrilled to read all the information it shared on how to be a supportive husband during the pregnancy. And then the great parenting tips to help from the 3 a.m. feedings to dealing with teething on to juggling work and being a parent. Whew! What a job it all is. I also thank Atlantic Publishing for helping me with this gift too!

What tools or books have you cherished as you traveled down the path of parenthood? Where do you turn to keep your head on straight during the whirlwind? Has there been that one special gift you would like to share with young parents? My favorite two are actually children's books. There is the "Potty Book" (one for boys and one for girls) that was quite instrumental in helping out my own daughter. And then the always popular and tear jerker "Love You Forever". Remember the one where the mother sings to her sleeping baby: "I'll love you forever / I'll love you for always / As long as I'm living / My baby you'll be. ... Yeah! It gets me!


  1. Your so sweet giving them gifts like that. I am not yet a parent or married either but if ever I get their probably I'll read the book you posted here. Because I know that parenting is no easy job and I'll be needing all the guidance that's available.

  2. Hey Kiddo!

    Just wanted to stop by and say hi. Those books look like they will be an excellent addition to the family. In my eyes, you cannot give a better gift to people than a Bible.

    You will definitely be blessed for your kindness.

    Love ya bunches!


  3. Sounds like some great gifts and congrats on the baby! (To them, not you) lol.

  4. Goodnight Moon is a classic, of course. Dr. Suess is a given. Trips to the thrift store can yeild some interesting finds, too.

  5. Its a tear jerker day, isnt it? Sigh. These things always get to me...


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