Different Daughters

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I have a new book for College Girl. She had popped in over the weekend and managed to snatch it up real quick. The usual for her of course. But I do wish to thank Seal Press for sending me "Different Daughters-Not Your Average Freedom Fighters"

This is a history of the lesbian rights movement in San Francisco, California. It was a organization called the Daughters of Bilitis or DOB. And was from the 1950's to the 1970's. Now College Girl was excited to be able to read this history in the equal rights movement. Having finished off on the Harvey Milk history this last summer, she has been sorta swimming around looking for her next bit of history to learn.

In reading over "Different Daughters" I was interested in learning of these strong women who fought so hard for their equal rights. I found that his started with only eight members. Wow such a small group to make such a large impact. The idea was to create a place they could be safe at. And as us ladies do they would meet monthly to socialize, share meals and talk over the issues within their community. They eventually became a national organization. A unique feature of this book is the original works from The Ladder, a newsletter that they had created. This was a very motivating book and quite informative. I am so happy that I have it to share with my College Girl.


  1. It's always refreshing to hear about people standing up for their rights. Hope your mom gets well soon.


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