Busy Weekend Coming Up

Mini chocolate lava cake (close-up I)Image by newwavegurly via Flickr

I have tons on my plate right now. And no it is not that super wonderful melting hot chocolate lava cake either. (Oh how I wish it was!) Instead it is cleaning, organizing, kiddos, road trips and praying for a lot of fun too!

Well first of all today is morning child care and dog care. I am wondering if I can apply the same techniques to each set? Hummmm? I am having my grandbabes here this weekend again. Since last time I was ill and Grandma had her heart issues. So we are looking for a redo. But I want to get set up for it. So one of the things I have to do is dog baths. Whew! Do they ever need them. And with 5 dogs of various sizes it will be a chore. I think that I will have Nessa's kiddos help me assembly line style. One bath, one dry and one to chase the wet ones back!

Once they are dried I am going to do the preventive measure of spring fleas. Yeah, it is getting that time again. But I am well prepared. I have Flea, Ant, Roach & Rodent Guard. It covers everything doesn't it. What is great about this is it is all natural and non-toxic to kids and pets. So I feel good about using it and still having the grandbabes coming. Oh did I mention the good part? It does not stink! Really! I love the great mint scent of the peppermint, spearmint and wintermint mint mix. I can put this all over the house and get rid of all kinds of lil pesties while making it smell wonderful. You can try it for Free to...well there is a $5.00 shipping and handling fee though.

Next I am taking a road trip to pick up the Grandbabes. Thankfully I am able to kidnap Nessa's two and have them for company. This is about a 5 hour round trip with 4 kiddos but I am sure we will have fun. I have songs to sing and stories to listen too. Tonight we are doing a big ol pile in the living room sleep over. I want to be able to snuggle in the middle of them all and have popcorn, sodas and watch the new Curious George 2 DVD. It is Follow that Monkey and since I have been a fan of Curious George forever I am happy to share it with the kiddos. I love that the voices are done by Tim Curry, Jamie Kennedy, Matt Lauer and Jerry Lewis. Wow what a line up. This came out on March 2nd so it is out there if you want to join us. And did you know that on PBS this fall they will have a whole new TV season? I know that the kiddos will be looking forward to playing the Curious George's Cross Country Caper Game. Wow what a tongue twister that was. And of course dancing to the exclusive music video too. With bonus shows we should be able to round out the night.

Well off to start laundry, sweep, mop, do dishes, make beds and then oh, yeah! The dog baths. Later gators!


  1. Here's hoping you have a great weekend!

  2. Slow down! You are making me tired.

  3. So now I feel guilty for blogging when I TOO have children to be bathed and a messy house and a research paper on Victorian literature due! BIG SIGH. The saga never ends.:)

  4. If you run out of things to occupy your time, just lemme' know. I have lots of stuff that I shoulod be doing that I'm most willing to share with you.

    Don't forget to stop and take a breather. Take care, my friend.

    ~ Yaya
    Yaya's Changing World

  5. Oh wow just read what a wonderful weekend you had planned. Poor me I can't see my grandson this weekend...sore throat(me) Can't wait to hear what a good time you had. Thanks for the dvd info. I will get that one!!

  6. Wow, been organizing/cleaning all weekend myself. Now my house looks worse.

    Everythings all over.


  7. Sounds like a busy time indeed!

    Love the idea of a roadtrip. My son was 6 when I went to college and we made a 3hr trip back to visit family at least once every other month and those are some great memories with him.


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