Mrs. Always Right

My Dear Hubby said he knew he would marry Mrs. Right one day, but he did not know her first name would be Always. Well, he does say that joking but for a reason. I am very OCD and quite logical. Sorta a logical in a Mr. Spock kinda way. And even though it really helps me stay on track there is a backlash. You see I am a problem solver. Type A personality too! And in doing the things that come natural to me I tend to micro-manage too much. Then, of course, I become overwhelmed.

I am now reading "Leadership and Self-Deception: Getting Out of the Box" (the 2nd edition) and am finding a few answers. Even though I do not work outside of the home nor in management, I find that there is many work principals that we use at home. I like learning how I can stop falling into the same traps and boxes. Where I do not use self-justification to get things done my way. Instead looking to see what truly will be best for the whole of the home. So, maybe? I can learn to be a lil calmer and still be that rational person. And dang it....I like being Mrs. Always Right anyway.


  1. I had a girlfriend a long time ago that would preface a sentence with "Let me explain to you why you are wrong about..."

    We didn't last long.

  2. Oh I want to know more!! I have been told I have some OCD!!

  3. That's good that you can take something from it.

    Mr. Usually Wrong.

  4. I'll have to tell my husband about this. I am the super logical always right one as well. I told him when we first started dating that when we argue to keep in mind that I am always right but you damn well better have an opinion. I love it when people can articulate why they beleive they are correct. It makes me think that maybe I'm wrong - nah!


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