Less Mess and No Mold!

Do you get excited about tippy cups? I know sounds silly. Of course is your Sippy Cup Chardonnay then it is something to consider. Otherwise I know most adults don't think alot about them. Well since I care for kiddos of the "let's spill drinks" age, tippy cups become an issue.

What do I have the biggest issue with them? MOLD! Yeah! ICK! But so many of the have mold that grows in the value parts. And you have a hard time getting them cleaned and dried. Well I have some that are easy to clean. Easy to dry and thus stop the mold issue.

Tommee Tippee has a great system. And they also have stage system too. You can go from the first sips all the way to spill proof drinking cup. One of my 3 yr ol lil ladies was thrilled to see the new cups this week. Of course she also put a whole new mind set with me when she exclaimed "I love my new travel mug!" Oh duh? We are all using sippy cups aren't we? And here we all thought we were so grown up.

Well if I have to have a "sippy cup" or travel mug, I would prefer the bright pinks and purples I have in the Tommee Tippee Explora cups. Of course we all know how I love pink. I am also looking to get me a spill proof water bottle soon for one of my 3 yr old lil ladies. Her mom does not want her to use a 'sippy cup" but a sports bottle is okay. I don't understand but it does not matter. All I want is where the drinks are not spilled.

But here are the facts you may want to know:
  • BPA- and Phthalate-free
  • Patented advance-flo valve for guaranteed easy drinking
  • Super-sensitive Active Sensor valve is truly spill-proof and leakproof, yet allows liquid to flow on demand
The Tommee Tippee Explora BPA-free toddler drinking products are designed to take children from first sips to grown-up drinking by easing transitions along the way. The advance-flo™ valve used in Explora cups was designed by a physicist and requires almost no force to drink from, yet still remains spill- and leak-proof. Each Explora cup is progressively staged with a specific grip to fit little fingers and unique spouts, from soft touch to dura spouts, to meet the needs of every age, and to support natural oral development. Available in specific boy and girl colors and designs kids love. I wish to thank Tommee Tippee and Mom Bloggers Club for sending me these cups. It has been a great help and a lot less spills since they have shown up. Now I am just looking for a wine glass tippee cup for me!


  1. Hey girl...
    I just read that I won something... I am a little late

    my address is 1079 N. Harbor Drive.
    Deltona, Florida 32720

  2. My kids are long past the age of needing tippy cups, ok well, maybe Ashe could use one since he's rather clumsy. :)


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