Old El Paso Winner

We have a winner!
And I did not rig this...I promise!
Random number generator picked #9 and that was a comment by
Yeah I admit a fellow blogger, best friend and my neighbor.
So Congrats and I will pass the info on to Old El Paso.
Special thanks to Old El Paso and My Blog Spark for sponsoring this giveaway.
Old El Paso Tackle the Taste Gift Pack:
  1. Two free cans of Old El Paso Green Chiles
  2. Football-shaped ceramic serving platter
  3. Two sets of football-themed plates
  4. Cocktail napkins
  5. Themed table runner


  1. Hey Kiddo! That is so coo! I'm glad she won! I don't know if you belong to SITS ( Secrets in the Sauce), but they have a challenge going on this week and it is to create a Blog Tribe. I have chosen you to be one of my tribe. You have always been there for me since day one with encouraging comments,bloggy helps, and Lots of love, so here's to you Lynette! If there is anything I can help you with or do for you please let me know.

    Love ya bunches!


  2. AWWW MAN!!! You sure this wasn't set up!? Just kidding...congrats Nessa!

  3. Congrats, Congrats!! Enjoy I love Old El Paso products.
    I am trying to get back into the whole blog world again. It has just been a rough couple of months and I took a break.. but my break is over.. and I am back.
    Yours was the first blog I had to rush right over and check on..
    Take Care..
    I will be back.

  4. Congrats to Nessa! Guess it won't be hard to deliver and you should get an invite to the party too. Looks like you are a winner too LOL.


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