Grammy Time

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Hey folks, it looks like I have been attacked by a gremlin. I did have a post here and it disappeared? I have no idea. But here I go again trying to repost it to the best of my witty knowledge.

I wanted to tell you all about the Grammy's for Children's music. And in doing so about Mr. Johnathan Sprout. You see he did a great CD for kids, American Heros #3. A neat collection of tunes to help our kiddos learn about the heritage of America. They tell about historical figures like Jonas Salk, Pocohontas, Jane Adams and more.

We can watch the Grammy's on January 31st to see if he is one of the big winners. I sure do hope he is. I know that the kiddos around here will be excited to know if they have an award winning song, well one they can listen too.

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