Clippy Good Idea

I love kitchen aids. Honestly. I can go crazy for all kinds of gadgets that help me organize. It is part of the disorder I have of OCD. But it does keep a tidy house.

So I was thrilled to have the Record-O-Clip show up in the mail. Actually all three of them have found their way into my kitchen quite quickly.

Now why and what makes this any better than any other ol' chip clip? Well first there is a magnet that is really really strong. You see I have all sorts of coupons on my fridge. And the other clips I have with a magnet will just slide down the side of the fridge once I have loaded it up with coupons. But the Record-O-Clip has not done that at all.

Next is the recording factor. Yes you can record a 16 second audio clip. And since my mom loves her Fritos and dip that was my first place to do a recording. If you go to take the clip off of her chips you will get a stern warning to "Take your paws off of Grandma's chips!" That should do the trick and keep her favorite snack available to her.

The Record-O-Clip is available online at for $7.99 (MSRP) and includes FREE SHIPPING. I wish to thank Emily for sending me my three Record-O-Clips to review. I did not receive any payment for this review. And it is my honest opinion of this product.


  1. This might be one of the more odd things I have seen.

  2. I can think of only bad thing to do with this.

  3. okay that is just so cool!

  4. ha - i love this!!! What a great idea.


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