Ranch or Guacamole

Dean's Dairy Dips contacted me to let me know about their new Dean's Dipstakes! You can pop over (the site is right above) and vote for you favorite flavor of dip and your favorite football teams. Personally I am into the honey mustard for my pretzels and cheddar cheese for my chips. But my mom is a die-hard french onion lady. Then the neighbors live for ranch dip. So as you all know, when your having a party you just grab all the yummy flavors and let each have their own.

Dean's Dairy Dips is sponsoring a giveaway to one lucky reader. They will receive 3 vouchers to get their own dip. Use it for the holiday parties or the super bowl that is coming up. Heck you can do a tail gate party or be selfish and eat it all up yourself while watching NCIS. What ever makes you happy. Just pop over to Dean's Dairy Dips and pick your favorite flavor. Then come back and comment on it here. (This is mandatory to enter.) You can also join them on their Facebook page. You can also have extra entries too. Additional entries can all be done with a separate comment for each for following, having my button, twittering, links on face book, sending others to the giveaway (they have to credit you) and blogging about this great giveaway. Make sure that I can contact you some how in order to let you know if your the winner.

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  1. I would love to try their Cheddar Cheese Pretzel Dip:) Pleas enter me. Thanks so much!!



  2. I also have your button on my blog:)


  3. I am also a follower of you on Twitter:)


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