Letting Your Light Shine

I told you that my mom's birthday was this week. That was a wonderful time to reflect on all that she means to me. And in doing so I also sat down to read My Life I Make-Revisited by Lauris Faith.

Now why would I do that when I am thinking of my own mom and the life she made? Well, I find that we all have similar reflections. I love the way Lauris Faith has connected her spiritual reflections with lyrics from Reggae music. And in this book Lauris shares how she and her son have connected through Reggae music.

Lauris I hope you do not mind me sharing some of your book here. On page 6 she has "Let us learn to live and let that light shine brighter." from Circumstances by Buju Banton. This one spoke to me. I love light. I have to have light, lovely natural sunlight. Thank God I live in Texas. God said "Let there be light." Natural sunlight helps provide serotonin which helps us stay balanced in our emotions. We are also light for others. And when we shine our own natural light we can help others stay balanced. Whether it is in providing a helping hand, an open heart or just a listening ear. Sharing with others helps both participants stay more balanced. So make sure you let your own light shine too. My own mother taught me that was my purpose in life. And I too have shared that same lesson to my own College Girl. So as I sit now soaking up the warm sunlight streaming in through the front windows, I reflect on how my mother is also my source of light too.

Lauris, thank you so for sharing your lovely book with me. I am enjoying it so much! I wanted to share my own copy but so far I have not been willing to let it out of my own hands. In time I am sure I can share it as you have done with me.

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  1. Oh where, oh where did my Kiddo go? I haven't seen or heard from you in a while. Usually, you are my first comment. I miss that! I'm still trying to figue out what to do whti the award, but I'll get there. Hope all is well, and you have a bery Blessed Year in 2010.

    Love ya bunches!



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