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Have you heard about the Busy People's Cookbooks? Well I did today. Thomas Nelson sent me a copy of the Busy People's Fast & Frugal Cookbook. How did they know I stay so busy and I have to be frugal? Well I am glad that they do know because today's menu is coming straight from the book.

I have to tell you that I love the way this cookbook is set up. Each recipe is set up on one or two pages so you can see it all at one time with the book open. And on the left side there is a column with all of your supplies and shopping list. Then on the right side we have helpful hints and meal suggestions. Everything is very easy to read (and with my eyesight I am ever so thankful for that). At the front of the cookbook there is tons of information on how to save and provide meals with little spending. I adore helpful ideas to be frugal. (No that is not the same as cheap.)

So what are we having today?
An appetizer of Pineapple Ham Stacks
The main course of Open-Faced Cranberry Beef and Feta Sandwiches on Toasted Rye
A side dish of Mashed Pumpkin (a savory dish)
A second side dish of Italian Green Beans with Black Olives and Mushrooms
Then dessert of Hot Spiced Peaches

I feel like we are having a holiday meal all over again. And the best yet is that the majority of this meal is able to use the leftovers from Thanksgiving last week. I am able to pull out the last of the ham from the freezer. Then there are cans of pineapple, pumpkin, green beans, black olives,

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mushrooms and peaches all in my cabinets. I still have a bit of cranberry sauce in the fridge too. So there is very little for me to have to actually purchase to make such a scrumptious meal. Just need to pop in the store for feta cheese, rye bread and red hots (for the peaches). Now that is frugal for me.

I think I may even end the evening with Warm Italian Virgin Mary's. Since I already have the bloody mary mix and italian seasonings. So we can have a nice cocktail as we wind up our day. I bet Dear Hubby is going to be one happy man tonight. Wish y'all could join us.

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  1. Yum, my mouth is watering. If you weren't so far a way I would be popping in for dinner.


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