College Girl's Stocking Stuffer

Y'all know that College Girl is my #1 priority. That is just how us moms are. So your not surprised that her health is something I worry over. Well, today I have the best stocking stuffer ever for her. It sure beats the heck out of the old toothbrush and toothpaste one.
MyClyns is a germ protection spray that kills 99.99% of MRSA and other germs. And since College Girl is a theater major she is always around people talking in her face. I mean really talking, spewing germs everywhere. These folks never take a sick day as it means the production would ground to a halting crawl. So sick or not they come to practice and work around being ill.
Now that MyClyns is available College Girl can go on to practice herself while feeling safe she will have added protection.

You see, you can spray MyClyns direct into your face. And it DOES NOT hurt, sting, burn, taste or anything. Just a lil wet. So someone sneezes on you...spray. Someone coughs all over....spray. Someone is spewing germs everywhere....well you get the idea. And you can get this at CVS for $7.99 to $9.99. So pop out to get your MyClyns for your stockings.

Oh and by the by, you know I am not going to tout a good thing and not host a GIVEAWAY!
Yes, MyClyns is offering a giveaway for you too. I will be drawing after Christmas of course. But you can win your own pen. Just pop over to my and then come back and tell me a goodie on the web site. (This is mandatory to enter.) You can also join them on their Facebook page. You can also have extra entries too. Additional entries can all be done with a separate comment for each for following, having my button, twittering, links on face book, sending others to the giveaway (they have to credit you) and blogging about this great giveaway. Make sure that I can contact you some how in order to let you know if your the winner.

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  1. I love that it kills mrsa! So awesome. That would be great for me as a jailer.


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