Taking a Break

Ladies and Gents,

Girl With Striped Fingernails Covering FaceImage by Pink Sherbet Photography via Flickr

Hope y'all don't mind but we are taking a break.
You know how it goes.
Stuffed with all that food on the holiday.
And all the time it took to fix things up.
Then to clean up afterwards.

Well we worked our lil manicured nails to the ground.
So now we are stopping to repair and regroup.
We will see y'all Monday!


  1. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Enjoy the rest.

  2. Hey Kiddo! Just wanted to say I'm hoping you feel better, and you deserve a break! See you Monday!

    Love ya!


    P.S. Glad y'all enjoyed my Christmas lights!

  3. Enjoy your holiday break!

    Hey did I miss you announcing the winner of the Progresso giveaway? It is still posted on my blog LOL and I did a double check of all of your posts I read and didn't see it?

  4. Hope you had a grand Thanksgiving with all your loved ones around, Lynette!


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