Imagia and the Magic Pearls

Growing up the youngest of 5 children and with a large gap between girls (10 years), I learned to rely on my imagination for friendship. And it was in the places of my mind that I truly blossomed. There I could do anything, be anyone and have many many friends.

Well, now there is a tale of Imagia and the Magic Pearls. This elf princess also has learned to live in her imagination. Desiring to have other friends to play with but stuck in her palace and with her lessons she seems to be a prisoner of her own life. (Gosh, don't we all relate to that one!) Of course, like all of us, Imagia has to break free and discover the world around her. Tales from the Mapmaker will open up a new land of Trillow. Here Imagia not only wanders into a castle ruled by the evil queen Baddora but also meets her new friend, Flutterwalk. And it is here that Imagia really learns the power of her imagination.

Monroe S. Tarver, both author and illustrator, has given a new childhood princess story which he is developing into a series of stories. Focused for children ages 5-9, this story weaves in a new cast of characters, moral lessons, the power of imagination and embracing an ethnic princess. With rich paintings to surround the story, you are swept away to a new land of Trillow. And one that takes you on those unexpected twist and turns. This is a new tale that has been released just this month at for only $6.99. I feel it would make a wonderful addition to any child's bookshelf this holiday season.

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  1. this would make a great gift for my neice and my besties daughter!

    Enjoyed the review


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