Closed due to Illness

I do not believe it...but I came down sick in 5 minutes.

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Yes, really!
From ok life is fine to fever, chills, nausea, aches and pain.
I was watching TV last night (NCIS for those out there like me) and


my teeth started clattering, my body shaking and cold all over.
And then the wave of


flooded over me.

I ended up in bed with my pink flannel pjs on. Covers 3 deep and up to my chin. I even had a night cap on--honest--my head was cold. And then of course I started to burn up too!

BTW, did I mention I will have 16 people here for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow? Or that this is the FIRST time I have ever hosted a holiday meal for my Dear Hubby's family?

You know I just can't be sick!

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  1. I'm sorry your sick! Maybe if you stay in bed all day all will be right by tomorrow. If I lived nearby I'd come help you cook.

  2. Yikes. Take care today. My throat started hurting last night, but I don't have a turkey dinner to cook since my Thanksgiving was a month ago. Not like I cooked then either. Good luck.

  3. So sorry you are sick! And... wasn't that a great shot by Ziva?

  4. Oh nooooooo! You poor thing! Hope you are feeling well better.

  5. Oh No!!! I hope you feel better soon.. That sounds awful. My sister had the same thing happen to her. She was helping me paint, went home and was sick for 48 hours. Mostly she said the chills were the worst part. She couldn't get warm.
    Take Care, Chicken Noodle soup to you!!!

  6. Hey Kiddo! Hope you get to feeling better soon. I was looking forward to seeing you today at Curves. One thing about it, if you don't like your in-laws you can always kind of non-chalantly cough or sneeze their way! NOT! Just kidding! I'll say a prayer for your healing. Love ya! PJ

  7. Hi Again! I just wanted to tell you I'm an NCIS FANatic too! I think I've got all the re-runs memorized. My favorites are Abbey (she likes to talk in run-on sentences like I do) and Gibbs oooh Gibbs! I've like Mark Harmon since Flamingo Road in the early


  8. Hey Kiddo! I sure hope you're feeling better! It's bad enough to be sick when you're alone, but with company, it's a hundred times worse. I hope it was just a bug and you were ok by Thanksgiving. If not, I think I would have told them to go out and eat, or someone else take over the "Kitchen duties". Anyway, hope to see you Monday at Curves. By the way, have you seen my button? I'm so excited! Now, if people will just start clicking it, I'll feel it was worth all of the stressful, hair pulling out, moments I spent, then Yaya came to my rescue! Love ya! PJ


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