Berenstain Bears Living Lights

The Berenstain Bears use to be a staple in my daughter's book collection. And now I am adding them to my collection for my grand children. But better still, there is a new series of Berenstain Bears. It is the Living Lights titles that I am showing here. Now that loveable family of bears can also show how they have grown into this supportive moral family. From 'Giving Thanks' to 'Christmas Tree', this is a pack that I want to use during the holiday season.

The first Berenstain Bear book was published in 1962 (a year before I was born) under the oversight of Dr. Seuss. Now that is a great mentor to have. Parents Stan and Jan started this series and now their son Michael has joined the team. Michael grew up watching his parents create their magazine cartoons and later the Berenstain Bears books.

Michael Berenstain is now working with his mother bringing this classic series to a new generation and with a new spin. When Berenstain found Christ, he also found his mission: to reveal the much-loved bear family’s faith in an original series. Zonderkidz has released the following titles in the series thus far, many of which are already becoming classics:


  1. I could do all my Christmas shopping for my neice via your review posts-these books will be a must find for me

  2. Skyler had two computer games of the B Bears, he loved them!

  3. What a great keepsake! And I bet they will pass it on to their kids! Imagine that!


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