Recycle All You Can

Do you recycle?
You do! Great!
I would but....there is not a recycling plant in 100 miles of where we live. We use to have recycling bins as part of our community. But a few years ago they were done away with. And I miss them.

Now I can take cans to a local aluminium cash in site. And you can return plastic bags to a bin at the grocery store. Also many stores have a place to drop of your computer ink cartridges. You can also donate your old cell phones to the cell phone store. But that is it.

I can not recycle paper, plastic or glass. I do what I can with food. First I do not have many leftovers. And I keep a container in the fridge for left over stew. Left over liquids go to the plants in the flower bed. And I rake the dog yard and put the waste in a heap with all my lawn waste. This will make great compost for the gardens.

I was reading about recycling in Australia online. They seem to have a really great system. They have a program called skip hire Sydney that has several good recycling tips. I borrowed them for all of us to take note of.

Some other things to consider to help reduce your impact on the environment.

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