Ready for Flu Season

It is flu season around here. Well, thankfully not in my house! I am glad of that. But in town and the school system children are fighting the flu. I know that having been a mom for 22 years, when your lil one is down the complete house seems to come to a stand still. But since I care for Emma I am thrilled to have the following 3 items on hand just in case.

And what can we do? Well if you are one who uses or would like to use homeopathic medicine I can help you. Well not me but information I have. There is a line of children's products by Boiron that can help. First for flu-like symptoms you can use Oscillococcinum. Really long word! But these quick dissolving pellets are great at helping with body aches, chills, fever and feeling run down. You can get a $2.00 coupon HERE.

You also have Chestal honey homeopathic cough syrup. To help relieve that cough and loosen chest congestion. These two items are safe for children 2 year old and older to take.

If is just a cold (like a cold is any small thing when your 3 yr old is crying) there is Coldcalm pellets. This helps with sneezing, runny nose, nasal congestion and minor sore throat. It is also safe for your child age 3 and up without side effects. It has a great taste and is easy to take since they melt in the mouth. And there is also a $1.00 coupon for any of the three products HERE.

To top it all off you also can visit their blog to learn more about homeopathic medicine.

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