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Did you know that I found my dad on the internet. I also found my brother on the internet. Really!

I did not grow up with my father or my brother. And was so happy to find them and be able to connect with them. It was great as I had some time with my dad before it was too late. And I found my brother not very long before he married. So I was able to join in him then and become part of his life with his wife an daughter. It also opened me up to an uncle and aunt I never knew. Family is very important to me and finding more of them made my life fuller. MyLife is a program online that you can do this kind of search on. I looked myself up and found me in over five different arenas. I also found my ex-hubby and ex-sister in law listed with me.

Have you ever used the internet to find anyone? I know that I have found several old school friends with online searches. And it has been fun to hook back up and relive some of our golden days. It is also great to know that we are all getting older too! Now we can chat all we wish online and share what is going on in our day to day lives. Yes, we do talk about grandchildren. The old cliches hold true. Gosh I can not believe but we will be ready for our 20 year high school reunion next year.



  1. Lynette that is so awesome about finding your family members...I will have to check out that site

    I just celebrated my 20 yr hs reunion in didnt seem possible

  2. Hey Kiddo! I was subscribing to that site, but had no luck finding anyone. I guess that's because I wouldn't upgrade to premium where it would cost me. There are only a couple of school friends whom I searching for, so I just blew it off. It is a great site though. I would have enjoyed it more if they would have let you see "so many" people who were answering your search. I had 9 the last I heard, but all they would say is 58 year old male in GA, 48 year old female in S. Carolina and so on. When I clicked on them it said "update to premium for so much per month (I can't remember how much. Anyway, I am really glad it worked for you. I guess if I wanted it bad enough, I would not mind paying.


  3. hope your having a FAB weekend!

    Stopping by with a SSS update:
    we sent out the first round of q&a's last night if you did not receive an email from us please click the link below and follow the instructions-if you did get the email and have filled out the q&a you are good to go-your answers were automatically entered in our google doc form...
    Thanks and we are so excited you are joining the SSS

  4. Cool Lynette!
    That is so amazing. To connect with long-lost friends is one thing. To connect with family is something else!

    Btw, you won my "When Everything changed" Giveaway. Pls. email me your mailing address at pink_ink at q dot com.

  5. Lynetter thats awesome that you were able to find family online. I keep in contact with a lot of my extended family via the internet, Aunts, cousins, 2nd cousins and on and on..
    I recently found 2 friends that I had not seen or talked to since 1978 online. It has been great catching up with their lives. I found them via google and swagbucks seach engines.
    I have one friend that I would love to find from 1979. She was my best friend and we just lot touch.. Maybe someday.
    I want you to know that I have been out of school for ummmm 29 years and haven't been to a class reunion.. I know I am old.. hehehe!!
    Have a fantastic day!

  6. Good For YOU!

    How uniqued and fortunate you are to have discovered such a special need.

    Peace and Love

  7. That's great. I've been using the internet to search my family history. I've found a few records, but I've had no major breakthroughs.


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