Adding in a New Exercise

I was asked to review Break Pal this summer. And I tried to...but at that time I could not get things to work. But now!

With my new computer I was able to log into Break Pal. And I am finally using the system. I love this! It is so nice to have someone show me how I can do some exercises while still at my desk. With all that I do online with my blog, reviews, email and just wasting time (y'all know how that is right?), Break Pal is working out great for lil "breaks".

Today I tried out some Chair Yoga by "serving tea" and doing some leg stretches. My lower back felt better. Also my knees enjoyed the stretch. I am ready to look up some more to continue. But I had to take a Break and share Break Pal with you!

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  1. You go Lynette. I saw you on Break pal today working out. Good for you.



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