5 Reminders

Angela's Adventures

This is my first time to join in with Angela from Angela's Adventures for her Friday High Five! The premise is simple pick 5 things, places, pictures, funny, serious etc...make a list...5 things

Sounded fun so thought I would join in. Thanks Angela!

My five picks are in honor of October Breast Cancer Awareness.

So LADIES do not put it off any longer.....get you MAMMOGRAM this month.
And Donna this post is in your honor!

As a P.S. from Skyler's Dad here is a great fun reminder.


  1. Lynette YOU darlin get my vote for BEST Friday^5!!!!

  2. Hey Lynette! Haven't seen you in a while so I thought I'd check in and see how you're doing. Tammy says you're working for her Monday, so I'll see you then.


  3. Thanks so much for playing this week! Haven't seen the "feel your boobies" one before...too cute! Save the tatas ladies!!

  4. Have you seen the fake PSA called the Cam Exam? Funny as hell!

  5. Breast exams? I can stop looking for work now, I know what I want to do.


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