Educating Esme

College Girl hopes to teach theater one day. I know how hard that first year is on a new teacher. So I was excited to have a chance to read Educating Esme-Diary of a Teacher's First Year.

Esme Raji Codell kept a diary when she started her first class. In here she voices her fears, knowledge, excitement and accomplishments. More so Esme shows us how a class room works when you really want to make a difference. Her innovative lessons along with a stern loving heart touched children's lives in extraordinary ways.

Educating Esme is now 10 years old with 200,000 copies sold and has been re-published with a tip guide for teachers and teachers-to-be. There is also honest advice and a teacher's shopping guide. The ALEX (from the American Library Association) Award was given to this book along with a first place from the Education Writers Association. This is not a text book, but a true story of a teacher growing and learning in her chosen field. The diary itself is exactly the same, but there’s a new foreword by Katherine Paterson, author of "Bridge to Teribithia". There is also a guide called “Hit the Ground Running,” which Esme created to help new teachers do just that. Now there is over twenty-five really specific and hopefully pragmatic pieces of advice from Esme and a comprehensive shopping list for the first-year teacher.

Esme Codell is a nationally renowned advocate for literacy. After teaching in the Chicago public schools for a number of years Esmeresigned from her school position to work on other projects including national advocacy for literature-based learning and read-aloud; writing several novels for preteen readers; running a children’s literature review website; and starting the PlanetEsm√© Bookroom . Connecting great children with great children’s books has been the underlying thread of all her work. Currently Esme Cordell works in the school library instead of the classroom.

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  1. my daughter wants to be a teacher....she may find this book under the Christmas tree this year

  2. Hey Kiddo! Thanks for all your help and hard work you do for me. Also, Max Lucado is an excellent writer. I have his Study Bible.

    See ya in the AM

    Love ya!


  3. Always on the lookout for a good read. This book sounds wonderful.

    I think it is cool that your daughter wants to teach and share her passion with others.

  4. Hey Lynette! Yeah, I probably would like it. Even though he may have some different beliefs doctrine-wise, he gets the point across and is a VERY GOOD writer. I keep saying I want to buy several of his books, but for some reason, I keep finding other ways to spend my money. (not that $140.00 every 2 weeks) is a lot to spend. You know how that is, I'm sure. I definitely don't ask my better half for spending money as he always gives me the third degress, (He's worse than a bank when it comes to wanting to know where and how the money is going to be spent.! Haha, but that's for another day, another Blog. MISSED YOU TODAY AT CURVES! Don't forget, it will be closed Monday for one of Tammy's holidays. See ya either tomorrow afternoon, or Sunday afternoon. Ok? If you can tell, the effects of my "sleepless" night are still in effect. It's taking me forever to type this. Love ya bunches! PJ


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