It's Football Season Again

Well football season is upon us again. I am thankful that Dear Hubby is not a major fan. Now he

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can sit and enjoy a game with his dad but does not do it for just him. College Girl's poppa is a massive football fan. Yeah he has Texas fever! Where football season hits and he is unable to manage a weekend without a game. I am glad he enjoys it so much.

This last year CG was looking at a no day gift for Poppa and was trying to get him some tickets. She was not too sure about the San Francisco 49ers Tickets but I hear they are a real good team. Of course she could not go wrong at all with Texas Longhorns Tickets. That is Texan pride there. Of course I suggested she gets her Poppa the Washington Redskins Tickets. Mean ol' me.

You see when we (Poppa and I) were married I would tease him about the Redskins. Anytime they played a game against his beloved Cowboys I would yell and cheer for the Redskins. That would get him going. I am not into football at all. I just wanted to cheer for the other team and have fun getting Poppa riled.

So do you think CG will go for the Longhorns? Or will she be my lil' girl and also rile her poppa with the Redskins?

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