I need more WAT-AAH!

I need to drink more water. It is important to my diet to do this. It is even more important to my body that I keep drinking water. Well it is a habit I am not use to. But I am trying. And in doing so I have learned not all water is the same.
Nope not at all.
Some taste yucky, some is very expensive, some is just perfect too!
I have found water that is just that.

This is the call for me. Ice cold it can replenish all the water that I am losing with all this summer heat. And I can get WAT-AAH! that also helps me with my body, brain and energy. But there is not sugars added, flavorings or preservatives. But that is not all. Nope, of course not.
This water is also geared to talk to kids.
Why? Well because kids are targeted to drink sodas, energy drinks and lots and lots of sugar. This is not what they need. Yet! It is what they are enticed to drink.
SO, here is WAT-AAH! that is kid perfect too. Why?
It is packaged to appeal to kids, has their own language on it (thus WAT-AAH!) and has kids in mind. Moms want their kids to be healthy and it is not always easy to get them to do what is best for them. Now we have a way to show them water is, well, cool.

Check out WAT-AAH! and see if your kids get as excited about it as College Girl did. She loved that it tasted like water, not minerals or muddy. (We have lake water for our city supply--yuck!) Dear Hubby tried the energy WAT-AAH! instead of a energy shot and he said it worked great. Remember he works two jobs every day. Most I heard that they felt refreshed and replenished. That is what we all need.

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  1. awesome! i am going to give it a shot for sure!


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