FREE is the Word

I know that all of you frugal moms are looking for all of the Freebies
just like I do. You take the samples that come in the mail and use them for you travel packs too. Right? We even use the small sample packs for stocking stuffers at Christmas.
Free Samples are also something that I enjoy. How do you use them? I have sent them in care packages for my College Girl. We have also collected them as groups and made up baskets of goodies for the residents at the local nursing home. You would be amazed at how happy you can make an elderly woman when she can not go out and shop for herself. Sample sizes of hand lotions, bath soaps and soft socks can make a ladies day no matter who she is. (It does me!)
So, how do you get Free Stuff? Are you on a mailing list? Do you belong to web sites? Or do you just wait for you lucky day?
Student Freebies are something the College Girl never passes up. She collects all the coupons that are sent to her. CG also enjoys the specials at local restaurants and grocery stores. When there is a really good sale you can expect her there. She understands that because she is a student some companies do cater to her. She is not silly at all, she enjoys those things. Of course it works because CG remembers who caters to her when she can shop. SO it works.
Well I found a weekly newsletter (it's free!) that shows you all the places you can go for your freebies. Just let me know when you find a really good deal.

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