The Double Cousins Book Review with Ashley

The Double Cousins and the Mystery of the the Missing Watch by Miriam Jones Bradley

My dear Ashley, Nessa's daughter helped me with a review of this new mystery. Ashley is 9 years old and loves to read. She was very interested in reading a new mystery. This is written along the lines of a Trixie Belden mystery.

Ok Ashley, what is your general opinion about this book? "It's awesome."

What's awesome about it? "It is a great book with a good mystery and stuff."

What is your favorite thing about this book? "That the cousins were solving the mystery together."

Is there anything about the story unexpected? "The homeless man named Slim who arrived after jumping on a the train."

Why would another child want to read this book? "The reason I would say is because it is like your solving the mystery with the cousins and Slim."

Did this book expand on God? "Yes, it expanded more about God when Slim came in the picture. When one of the cousins was asking questions about God and his plan."

Ashley feels this book would be hard for little kids to understand, but ages 8 years to 15 years old would enjoy this mystery. If your interested in how cousins work together and family relationships you will learn more during this story.

I appreciate Ashley helping me review The Double Cousins and the Mystery of the Missing Watch. I know that I found the story intriguing even as an adult. I will be glad to share this story with my grand daughter as she grows older too. It will also be interesting to find out if this develops into a series of Mysteries like Nancy Drew did.

You may also enjoy sharing a Christian based story with your children. This would be a good chapter book to use as night time reader.

This is a WinePress Publishing and is listed as Juvenile Fiction/Mysteries & Detective Stories. Retail price is $11.95 in the United States.

In an intriguing tale of forgiveness and acceptance, Miriam Jones Bradley tells the story of five cousins, seeking to unearth the one hundred year old mystery surrounding a long lost relative, an old pocket watch, and a mysterious hired man. Set against the backdrop of a Nebraska ranch, "The Double Cousins and The Mystery of the Missing Watch" takes the reader through an adventure led by young sleuths. In a culture that overwhelmingly portrays a fractured family unit, Bradley offers a story of love, acceptance, and unity. “I believe that in today's world, with the decline of the family unit, this book can make an impact on children,” says Bradley. “Whether they have an intact family or not, they can learn the importance of family connections while learning good Biblical and character truths.” Bradley’s young heroes learn many lessons as they solve the family mystery, mainly that God can and will forgive us when we fail and that we should never judge someone simply due to his past. “My goal is to provide a Christian answer to the Bobbsey Twins/Trixie Belden mysteries I remember from my childhood,” says Bradley.

Bradley has worked as a nurse for the past twenty-four years and has been heavily involved with Children's Ministries. She has taught and led numerous children’s programs and spends as much time as possible with her twelve nieces and nephews. Bradley has a heart for children and desires to provide exciting, captivating, but traditional stories for children that establish important character truths. She and her husband, Dr. Bruce Bradley, make their home in Newberry, SC, where she works as a Utilization Review Nurse at Newberry County Memorial Hospital.
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