CG is moving things OUT early

Today College Girl and I are going to help her new room mate move into the dorm. This way we

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are able to help with the room set up. Well, CG is also sneaking in some of her things too! She is so eager to get back on campus.

And we have aready loaded the Ram with her things. (she did that last night) Now all we have left is to finish sorting her clothes from last year and a few things of the sort in her bedroom. Yesterday I did a purge of my and Dear Hubby's closets and came away with some things we do not or can not wear. More from my side than his but easier to do my own. I also wish I could get these floors swept and stay that way. Alas, no can do with all the doors and windows open. I am tired of having gritty feet.

This week Nessa is going to help me get back on track with my Curves diet BIG TIME. I have

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fallen off the band wagon too much and need the boost. I am repaying with help around her place. It seems a fair trade. I like to clean and organize and she likes to cook and plan meals. So it seems like a win win situation.

Well I just have an hour to get my chores done, cleaned up and dressed then drive CG to college so must dash. Hey, I can do it. I have the energy of a bunny rabbit and CG would kill me if we were late anyway. Ta Ta for now blog world.


  1. hey lynette,
    hope you got all of your daughters things "sneaked" into her room with her roomies stuff, that is so sweet that you guys are helping her get all of her stuff settled! i hope she enjoys school this year! now for your floors, have you tried the "swiffer sweepers?" i have become the swiffer queen! just run around and "swiff" and poof it picks up everything and then just throw it away... LOL and as for the diet... summer throws that alll away, but i've got to get back on the schtick with that one too! as always thank you soooo much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with me!


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