Are you a SLACKER?

I have to confess, I am a slacker. REALLY and you can be too!
Slacker Radio Plus is going to give away three, 3-month premium subscriptions to my readers.

College Girl reviewed Slacker Radio Plus this week for me. She thought it was pretty cool and loved all the options and all the genres available. She loved that it was easy to use and that there was such a wide selection. There was one just for kids and she loved it for time for her lil sister. So often there is not that availability quite often. She felt that whatever your musical taste is you could find your favorites. CG loves show tunes so we have had them on all week. You know she is kicking up her heels at that. She has also enjoyed the comedy that she could listen to. She said there is even a Monty Python channel.

This is what Nessa over at Ramblings had to say:
I was recently given a 3 month subscription of Slacker Radio Plus to review. I have had a free Slacker Radio account for quite awhile and was excited to try the plus service. I have not been disappointed! With the Plus service you get no ads, unlimited song skips, unlimited song requests, and complete songs lyrics. They have over 2 million songs and real live DJs programing the stations. No matter what your taste in music, you will most likely find a station you will enjoy. They offer kids stations, big band, classic rock, new country, and more!"

Here are 4 FREE stations that might be just right for your family!

Slacker giveaway details:

*3 3-month subscription to Slacker Radio Plus

*Need valid email already configured for Slacker (i.e. they already use Slacker with it, if they don't have a Slacker account they will need to create one)

*Unlimited Skips

*Unlimited Song Requests

*No Audio or Banner Ads

*Complete Lyrics

*Over 2 Million Songs

*Live DJ's programming stations

Top that off with Slacker is giving away free Blackberry Curve smart phones to listeners in celebration of the overwhelming success of the Slacker Radio mobile application. For listeners who want to take Slacker with them everywhere they go and want to be able to get a smart phone that can do it, Slacker is making it easy with this offer. All major carriers are available (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile) and every offer features a Blackberry Curve smart phone. The offers aren't all identical, but they all offer the ability to get a free Blackberry smart phone with either a new contract, or an extension (depending on your carrier and where you are in your current contract). If you go to any of the carriers directly, you would have to pay to get a Blackberry Curve smart phone, so with this offer Slacker is covering the difference so people can get the phone for free.
Now how do you win?
You can also add extra ways to enter by blogging about this giveaway and leaving me a link in the comments.
Another entry will be to post this giveaway on Twitter. Make sure I know about it.
Send someone to my blog and they let me know and you get an extra entry.
OF COURSE make sure you are one of my Followers for an entry (post this please).
And if you have my button button who has the button on your blog use that as another extra entry (again please post on the comments).
So you can get 6 entries into this give away! Make sure you use them all.
I will draw on 9-1-09!**


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  2. im such a slacker i dont remember to turn on the radio half the time LOL


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