Letting My Fingers Save Me Money

Well it is time to pay my auto insurance. And I am really happy with who I have. But I received a letter in the mail telling me it was time for me to renew. I was baffled as I felt it was not that long ago that I changed companies. Well, it is not time to renew at all. Just another company trying to get me to change over is all.

How did I find my current company? Well I was looking for cheap auto insurance quotes. So I went online and was looking for places to get quotes at. I was able to find many quotes online and able to compare the different companies. This way I was able to find the lowest quote for the features I needed to have. It sure did save me a good chunk of money.

I found this quite helpful. And I felt so much better doing the research myself. It was not hard to do, just took a little bit of time to do the searches. So instead of waiting for your company to "drop" rates, start looking around yourself. And don't fall into the traps that can come through the mail. I almost did!

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