Travels to the Good Ol Days

There was a time that traveling was a romantic quest. You would save up, have that amazing

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trunk that would follow you around the world and be off on that ship to never never land.
You know how George Baily dreamed of all those stickers from exotic lands to be gracing the trunk he had chosen.

But now, traveling is quite simple. You just pick up your roll on luggage and go. It has helped with the airline business to be able to take your hartmann luggage right on the plane with you. Of course for those long long trips you will still have to check you tumi luggage in. It really helps to be able to store your briggs and riley luggage in each other when your at home too. I know that we used a small roll on suitcase for my college girl when she was in high school. It replaced her backpack and made it so much easier on her tiny back then lugging all that weight around. School officials did not like that much but with a note from her doctor (easy to get) they had to let her use it instead of damaging her back. So do you still have an old steamer trunk? Or do you go light and easy with your stream lined luggage?

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