No Day Present for the EX?

My ex-hubby and my College Girls dad is a big time football fan. CG was wanting to get him

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something really amazing this year for his no day present. I suggested she should look into some football tickets. CG was online searching when she asked should she get Baltimore Ravens Tickets or Dallas Cowboys Tickets or Green Bay Packers tickets. Now I thought this was a real "DUH" moment for her. I know that she was not sitting in front of the television all those times he was screaming at it. But we did move here from Dallas/Ft Worth. SO, I would assume she would think of the Dallas Cowboys Tickets first. But not in her head. She was looking at the idea of who they would be playing against. Now, I never thought of that one. "DUH" me! Of course I would always try and get tickets against the Redskins just because I know it would really get to the ex if the Redskins won. Ain't I bad????

It is not that I do not want her dad to enjoy his no day present. It is just that he is still my EX. When do you drop that part out of your thoughts? Well maybe he will enjoy his tickets. I know that it would be an amazing surprise for him. So I wonder what game he will get to see this year?
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  1. hmmm...I think maybe when I'm dead that's when the bad feelings for my ex will stop !


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