Duh Recipe

Granny M is going through some of the old recipes she has collected over the years. In doing this (to make up a home made cookbook) she has come across some humdingers. Well here is this mornings.

Fruit Flavored Fruit

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Ok, she asked me...."just what would fruit be flavored with other that fruit flavor???"

So I had to see this lil jewel of the obvious.

Fruit Flavored Fruit

4 cups fresh fruit*** (try fresh fruit). Hummm I would have had a hard time figuring that one.
4 squares of Heavy Duty Reynolds Wrap (this is the sponsor)
Juice on 1 orange (1/2 cup) I wonder if 1 orange always equals 1/2 a cup???
Juice of 1 lime Well we are still on the fruit so guess it is going to be fruit flavored
1 cup brown sugar always like a lil extra sweet
1/4 tsp Tabasco Pepper Sauce (other sponsor) Now this is not on the fruit flavoring list I have!
1/8 tsp salt Hummm, for flavor
2 tblsp dark rum (0ptional) Not in my book this is a must have!
2 tblsp butter So the fruit slides down so much better?

Pare, section or slice and seed fruit. This of course helps you eat fruit in my house. Divide onto foil squares. Hummm, combine or keep flavors separate? In a saucepan combine remaining ingredients and simmer for 3 minutes. Now we have a hot fruit flavored sauce. Spoon sauce over fruit servings and seal packets. Still don't know if fruit was to be mixed up??? Cook in preheated 350 oven for 15 min or until tender. Guess you would have to open packets often to see when tender starts? 4 servings. Well that makes sense since 4 packets.

Now I can't try this gem of a recipe so you will have to tell me how fruit taste any more like fruit when you add hot sauce. I am allergic to aluminum foil so I can not cook with it.

Dang sure missed out on the dessert here----NOT!

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  1. That is a rather interesting fruit recipe

  2. Interesting....... very!
    How are you?????

  3. That is some recipe for sure. I might have to try it one of these days just to see what it is like. I can't imagine hot sauce on fruit though. Hmmmmm!
    Have a good one and keep up the good work and by the way I talked to Jimmy yesterday. He sent me an email with his number and I called and talked with him. He sounds like a nut. lol Am axious to meet him.


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