Time for Dad's Day

I have been thinking of a gift for Daddy's Day.
And I found this beautiful watch today.
It is a Pulsar by Seiko PXN109 Men's Stainless Steel Sport Watch Silver Dial Strap
Your Price: $65.00
Retail: $125.00
That is a $60.00 savings.

I thought this was a great deal.
What is your favorite brand of watch?
Is it Timex that takes a Licking but keeps on Ticking?
Or is it Casio watches?
Of course there is Rolex too, the Cadillac of watches.
I think that men may prefer a Swiss Army watch.

I always have a hard time trying to figure out a good gift for Father's day.
I hope to eventually get my Dear Hubby a Pocket watch with the Navy seal on it.
He has looked at those for a long long time.
College Girl use to always get her Poppa a new neck tie.
I know that sounds silly but he had to wear them to work and she purchased him fun ones.
I am wanting to help her make a Tie Cake this year to give her Poppa.

I plan on going to spend the day with my dad.
He lives alone and misses having someone to talk to.
So I thought giving him a day to just visit and let him talk all he wants would make him happy.
This is the father who raised me not my birth father.

So what are your plans for Daddy's Day?
Do you already have your gifts and cards?
What has been your most creative gift so far?

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