Prayers and Help Needed

I have been mentioning that I have a cousin who has been ill.
In and out of the hospital.
He has had several heart attacks this last month and this last week had a quadruple heart bypass surgery.
My cousin is a single man who has lost his immediate family. He lives by very simple means. Normally he works as a ranch hand here in our rural area. This does not help where he can draw unemployment since it is normally listed as "day labor". With all of the illness and in and out of the hospital he has not been able to work for the last month.
ie. Surgery Monday, sent home from hospital (2 hrs away) Saturday, taken back to emergency room Sunday, back home this morning. This is how it has been going for him.
Well not only is he recovering from the heart bypass surgery, now his right leg is not working properly and he is have some problems with his sugar levels which is new problem.
My cousin is only in his 50's and will recover to continue.
But in the meantime with out any income he now can not pay any of his utilities at all.
His home is paid for (thank God!) But the things like water, electric, gas and car payments are not covered. We are asking all that know him here to chip in to help. $20.00 to $50.00 can make a difference when several people help to get some of his bills paid.
He is at home, alone and unable to currently fix this situation.

So please pray for my cousin, help if you can and lets all help him recover in each small way we can each contribute.


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